2004 Design vs. 2019 Design

So much has changed on the Internet in the fifteen years between these designs! For instance, the 2004 design for "Beneath the Surface" was meant to imitate the appearance of water without worrying about whether I was stealing anyone else's image. Today, however, webdesigners like me have lots more free-to-use, legal image resources at our disposal, and thus finding the perfect water picture was the work of less than five minutes in 2019. Thank goodness!

Also, in 2004, Internet Explorer was the reigning king of web browsers and Firefox was barely a twinkle in anybody's eye; Google Chrome was still years away, so there wasn't really as much worry about cross-browser compatibility as there is today. A small contingent of users used Safari and Netscape, but to my knowledge they weren't used nearly as much as IE. Thus, even though the custom transparent scrollbars only worked in IE, it didn't affect very many users, and so most of us in various fandom communities designed specifically for IE. For the 2019 design, however, with the slew of browsers available, I had to be more careful to create cross-browser compatibility, so I used a Javascript snippet instead.

Lastly, back in the day I only really had access to Microsoft Paint, Photoshop Elements 2.0, Notepad, a limited number of help sites (some of them jargon-laden), and a few online friends for questions on how to code the specific visions I had in my head, so I was greatly limited in what and how I could graphically design my websites. These days, I've got Photoshop Elements 8.0, Notepad++, a big and awesome group of friends I can ask about things, and a whole host of thorough and free online resources for code, troubleshooting, and inspiration.

All of this demonstrates a larger point: it's never been a better time to be a fan who likes to create things, with all the resources and free education available to us now! But with all these new advancements, you might wonder why I would even bother remembering the way it was...

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